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Our couples tell us we have the most straightforward pricing in the market.   They appreciate the simplicity of knowing all is included.   We have one price for your day (depending on your day of week) and the only extra is if you want a rehearsal the day prior.  Period.

Up to 40 Farm Tables 

- beautiful to fit the space. No linens needed!

Up to 300 Black Tolix Style Chairs

- So fitting for the tables and the space. And we set them up for you too.

- Plus 8 high tops and 24 stools

Curtain System and Ceremony

- Of course included.   The BRIX seamlessly converts from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner, then dancing.  

Bridal Suite with Private Powder Room

- Do you want to come in early to use it?  We provide 12 hours.  Want even longer?  Just ask.



- Programmable LED downlights throughout the venue.  


DJ Lights

- Bar lights, two moving lights, and snowball lights.  Yes, all included!

Open Air Photo Booth

- So much fun!  Available for your entire venue time.   Printed pics!  And uploaded to you too.  

World Class Sound System 

- Your DJ just plugs into our system, full engineered to the space.  


- We will explain how to design your upscale bar with signature cocktails for about $10 per person and with little effort other than placing an order for the alcohol.  (And all setup, delivery and pickup included.)

- Typically a "bar package" with a house bar will cost you about $30 per person, with some exceeding $50 per person or more with tax+gratuity.

- For many, this is a huge savings.   With 200 guests, and a savings of $20 per person (on the low end,) you would see a savings of $4000 at the bar, and with higher quality alcohol.

Choose your own caterer!

- Design your catering to your style.  No "preferred" caterers that charge their captive pricing.  Let the open market help you find the best food and service that meets your style.

- Yes, you can save thousands and enjoy the experience.

Planning Assistance 

- We love to help.  We have a network of great wedding professionals that can serve you, including caterers, bartenders, hotels, DJs, Day of Coordinators, florists, and more!  Planning your wedding without having to always make concessions makes wedding planning so much more fun!

And more included!

- Chandelier, furniture, ice machine, string lights, coat room, plus more!

Three day holiday weekend Sundays and NYE same price as Saturday.

Thursday rate same as Sunday.

 Inquire about weekdays for weddings, corporate events, and photo shoots.

All taxes included.

2019 Dates:  5/12, 5/19, 7/3, 12/8 plus most weekdays.

2020 availability - 

Saturdays -10/31,12/5, 12/12, 12/19, 12/26

Fridays - 1/10, 2/14,  4/3, 4/10, 11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18

Sundays - dates in all months except September

Memorial Day 5/25 and Labor Day 9/7

Still want summer? Check out 7/2 as 7/3 is a holiday for many.

Accepting bookings through March 2021.

Ready to talk?  So are we.

260 S. Washington Street

Carpentersville​, IL 60110

Ph. 847.844.8010

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