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"It's a Wedding"

For us, we believe that sums up the way that everyone serving at The BRIX should view their role.  This is the biggest night in the life for the couple and often their family.  We all get one chance to make it an amazing night for them.

As a chosen vendor of one of the couples getting married at The BRIX on the Fox, we are sure the couple has high expectations for you serving them, their family, and friends on their big day.

If you have not served at The BRIX before, we encourage you to set up a time to visit.  We set up Wednesdays for this, and you can schedule at


And, with regard to COIs, we only require a COI from the caterer, bartender, and any florist/decorator on a ladder.   ($2M total.)

For each vendor, we have some information and/or link to more information.


- Everyone on the vendor team depends on you to help make it a great night!

- We required full service catering that will work from set up through cleanup.   The caterer is the service team, and is responsible for taking full care of all service requirements.

-Any caterer that has not served at The BRIX must come for a walkthrough.

- If you are not a full service caterer, we can provide the names of service companies that can provide full service.

- More details including a checklist can be found at


- BASSET and $2M Insurance required.

- Running water and ice bins at bar. 

- Icemaker providing approximately 400 lbs per night is shared with caterer.  >150 guests, recommended that you purchase 50 lbs per extra 25 people.

- Make sure you help couple with the liquor list.  We recommend that they purchase from Prestige.

-Keep the bar tidy.  No cardboard boxes on bar. 

- No shots.

- Don't overserve.  Bartenders that end the 

DJ or Band

- We have a great in-house system.  Come on in an check it out, so you believe that too!

- For more information, head to 


Planner and/or Coordinator

- We provide a link to couples to tell us the basic of their day.  If you want to help them (please do,) ask them for the link.

- We recommend a visit if you have not been to The BRIX.

- Please be sure to review table setups with us.  We can help.  We will set up the tables for the couple on the day of.


- Programmable LED downlights throughout the venue.  


DJ Lights

- Bar lights, two moving lights, and snowball lights.  Yes, all included!

Open Air Photo Booth

- So much fun!  Available for your entire venue time.   Printed pics!  And uploaded to you too.  

World Class Sound System 

- Your DJ just plugs into our system, full engineered to the space.  


- We will explain how to design your upscale bar with signature cocktails for about $10 per person and with little effort other than placing an order for the alcohol.  (And all setup, delivery and pickup included.)

- Typically a "bar package" with a house bar will cost you about $30 per person, with some exceeding $50 per person or more with tax+gratuity.

- For many, this is a huge savings.   With 200 guests, and a savings of $20 per person (on the low end,) you would see a savings of $4000 at the bar, and with higher quality alcohol.

Choose your own caterer!

- Design your catering to your style.  No "preferred" caterers that charge their captive pricing.  Let the open market help you find the best food and service that meets your style.

- Yes, you can save thousands and enjoy the experience.

Planning Assistance 

- We love to help.  We have a network of great wedding professionals that can serve you, including caterers, bartenders, hotels, DJs, Day of Coordinators, florists, and more!  Planning your wedding without having to always make concessions makes wedding planning so much more fun!

And more included!

- Chandelier, furniture, ice machine, string lights, coat room, plus more!

Ready to talk?  So are we.

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