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Frequent Questions - Straight Answers


You have such a straightforward approach.  What's the catch?

It's really that simple.  

We post our final price online.  Includes all fees.

Want to compare pricing with other venues?  To find the "true venue price", always add up:

venue price + catering + bar + photobooth + minimums + tax + service charges

At The BRIX, you can create your own "fair priced wedding" in your style.


We would love to see The BRIX in person. When can we come in for a tour?

That's great, we offer tours by appointment.

And easy to set up. 

When you contact us, we will send you a link so you can self schedule a tour.


Can we hold a date for a couple days?

We allow a two day hold on any available date after a tour.

Two Venues? Separate? 

Yes, entirely separate, no shared spaces (or sound!).   

Separate entrances.  

The venues only share the large parking areas, which is ample.

What is your rental period?

13 hours.

Noon to midnight for you and your guests,

plus an extra hour for you and your vendors.

Our Event Managers will be there to support you the entire time.

How does your all-in-one pricing work for small weddings?

For Saturday celebrations, The Industria and Two-Sixty are optimally priced for larger events.  If you are planning a smaller wedding, consider The Industria for a Friday, Sunday or weekday.  

Weekdays in The Industria are $4900.  With our approach, you will save thousands over traditional venues.

How does The BRIX manage costs?

“Your Life. Your Style” also means, “Your Budget.” You can find the caterer that fits your budget and style, plus you “buy your own” alcohol at a fraction of the cost of standard “drink packages.”   Add to this a world class sound system, custom reclaimed barn wood tables you won’t want to cover, a fun open air photo booth, and a great catering space to create the celebration of your dreams.


Any caterer? 

Yes, any  full service caterer.

This is the inner beauty of The BRIX. 

Of course, we will help you get started with a list of excellent, fair priced caterers.

You hire a full service caterer, and they will bring everything you need with them taking care of every detail.  Or, you can cater in your favorite restaurant food and hire a professional service staff with licensed bartenders to serve your guests. 

How many people can we have?

For the Two-Sixty, we suggest to max your ceremony around 300, however there's room for a few more. The Industria works great for up to 200.

Is there parking at The BRIX?

Yes, lots of parking in our private parking lot.

Is The BRIX handicap accessible?

Yes.  Every door has a ramp.

No elevators needed.  :)

ADA compliant.

Photo Booth included?

Yes, we have an open air photo booth that prints two photo strips, plus your guests can text/email pics.  And we upload all the digital copies to you too.

Does The BRIX include WiFi?

Of course.  Fast too!

How many events take place each day?

Only one per venue!  

Are there any hidden fees?

No, one price for the entire day. All taxes and fees included in the price.

Can we bring in our own decorations?

Absolutely! Florist, DIY, or both.

Your Life, Your Style!

If we are having our ceremony at The BRIX, is there a time we can rehearse?

Yes, when available on another day, $250 for up to two hours.

On your day, our Event Manager will be glad to help for no charge.

Do you have a list of vendors to help me get started?

Yes, we have a list of local caterers, hotel, hair/makeup stylists, photographers, DJs, florists, bartender, coordinators, etc., that we would be happy to share with you after you visit.   And some of these have BRIX special pricing.

Do we have to use the vendors on your list?


Your Life. Your Style.

Of course, all vendors need to be licensed and insured.  

The only "preferred" vendor is the one you choose.

It's a wedding, so you will want to hire (and we require) a great serving staff for your friends and family from beginning until end.


BYOB, really?  

Even easier.   You don't actually need to bring anything.

One phone call to Prestige, and your alcohol is delivered to the BRIX. 

Add a licensed and insured bartending service that designs your bar. 

Full service custom designed bar. Done.

And at the end of your celebration, Prestige picks up all unused items and credits you back. 

Retail pricing, no going to the store, and no returning any items, and you get to choose the quality!  

Oh, and did we mention, open all night?

How easy is that?


Does The BRIX have a sound system?

Yes! We have a world class sound system set up for the ceremony and dancing. Your DJ plugs right in.   Videographers love it as they can connect for direct sound as well. 

Your friends will love the quality, and the zones so they can talk too.

Four wireless and  four wired mics.  And DJ lights and down lights included too.


Ready to talk?  So are we.

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